Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Having an aquarium could be beneficial to your health. Watching the fish could be therapeutic helping to lower your blood pressure and help reduce your stress levels. You can have a saltwater tank or a freshwater tank, but the best choice is getting a freshwater tank since it is easier to maintain and care for. In this article, we’ll tell you what the best pet fish are to fill your new aquarium with.

An added advantage of a freshwater aquarium is that there is a beautiful array of unique fish species with various colors that you can choose from. If you are looking for a mood boost, they will brighten up your aquarium and space. If you are a new freshwater aquarium owner, it is worth noting that fish have individual personalities.

What Makes a Great Aquarium Fish

If you plan to set up an aquarium in your home, it is best to do thorough research to find the best pet fish. For instance, look up what fish species are the best to keep, how often you need to feed them, and their care and maintenance. Talk to an expert whenever you have a concern about your fish. Learn more about the fish species you plan to keep before you go out to bring them home.

As mentioned earlier, fish have different personalities, and you will learn each of your fish’s personalities when you closely monitor them. Therefore, you cannot have a bunch of different fish species in your aquarium without doing research. Below is a list of what makes an excellent aquarium fish.


Factor in the size and how much a fish can grow into in its lifespan. This ensures that they can easily and comfortably maneuver around the aquarium. It would be best to have a bigger aquarium or smaller fish so that the fish are comfortable, thrive, and lead a happy life.


When getting a fish, make sure that it can exist with other fish in the aquarium. Some fish can be pretty aggressive and could even eat your smaller fish when you have them in the same aquarium. Ensure that you get fish that are peaceful. You could also do some research and find out which fish best co-exist together.


If you are a beginner, it would be best to get a low-maintenance fish. You may find it stressful keeping a fish as a pet if you start with a fish that requires regular and constant maintenance. There are various fish species you can choose from that are easy to maintain and will thrive under very minimal care.

You may also want to consider what the fish you are getting likes to feed on to ensure you can afford it. Therefore, do proper research to have an easy time taking care of your first pet fish. You can always get a breed that requires regular care once you have gained experience in caring for fish.


You need to ensure that you get a fish species that can easily adapt to different environments and thrive in different conditions. A fish that requires special care or can only thrive at a given temperature may be hard to look after, especially if you are not always around. Getting a fish that requires special care may limit you to only getting one fish species, especially if they can only thrive in a specific temperature, which may not be viable for other fish that you plan to have.

Best Fresh Water Aquarium Fish

As mentioned earlier, freshwater fish have individual personalities. Listed below are some of the best freshwater aquarium fish.


The goldfish is the most common freshwater fish. It is a beautiful fish species that need a tank that is not less than twenty gallons to thrive. Their maintenance needs to be constant such as a weekly water change and filter. There are various breeds, colors, shapes, and sizes of goldfish that you can choose from. Goldfish can grow up to fourteen inches long in their natural habitat.

goldfishPlaty Fish

Platy fish are also referred to as platies. They are one of the most stunning freshwater fish, and they come in various exotic colors. They can easily thrive well with other fish since they are peaceful. They are also quite social. Although they can eat meat-based food, it is best to give them proteins and plant-based foods.

platy fishAngelfish

Angelfish are very beautiful and come in various patterns and colors. They can eat animals, such as shrimp and insects, and they also eat plants. It would be best to keep small fish away from them. They are quite aggressive and territorial, so do not put them in an aquarium filled with many fish.

Betta Fish

They are also known as Siamese fighting fish. They are easygoing and come in a range of beautiful colors. Generally, all beta fish are aggressive and territorial but more specifically, the males. You can keep them in your aquarium with other fish if they are peaceful. It would be best to avoid having them and guppies in the same aquarium. Ensure that their tanks have plants and substrate. These species of fish are better of being kept in a separate tank.

betta fishThe Easiest Fish to Take Care of

There are various freshwater fish that are low maintenance and easy to care for, especially if you are a new aquarium owner. Listed below are some of the easiest fish to take care of.

Neon Tetra

Neon tetra are thin, small, and easy to care for, so it would be appropriate for beginners. They are pretty calm and peaceful. If you want them to thrive, keep them in a group and ensure that the aquarium is filled with accessories, rocks, and plants. Their bodies are blue with a red stripe going down their body.

neon tetraMollies

Mollies are easy to care for and they are omnivorous. Unlike other fish, mollies give birth to their babies. They also love to breed, so it would be best only to have one gender if you do not want many mollies in your aquarium.

mollies fishRainbow Fish

One of the best pet fish to have is the rainbow fish. Although it is not popular, it is pretty easy to care for it. Their vibrant color starts showing when they get to adulthood. Therefore, you need to take proper care and maintenance if you would like to see them grow into their color. They are peaceful with other fish, but they tend to be shy. Some of the fish they get along with best are tetra fish and golden dwarf barbs.

rainbow fishZebra Danios

If you are a beginner, then zebra danios are your best bet. It is the easiest fish to take care of since it is low maintenance and also small as it grows to about five or seven centimeters. It would be best if you kept them in groups since they are schooling fish. They tend to get stressed when isolated. They can eat regular fish flake food, but they love crustaceans, insects, and worms. It would be best to ensure that your tank is always covered since they tend to jump out.

Zebra DaniosGolden Dwarf Barbs

A golden dwarf barb is also an excellent choice for a beginning aquarium owner. They have black markings and a golden yellow color that makes it easy to identify them. Avoid having more than five of them in your aquarium and for them to thrive, ensure that your aquarium has plants.


Guppies are an excellent fish species for beginners and one of the best freshwater aquarium fish. They are easy to care for, and they also like to breed, so it would be best only to have one gender in your aquarium. They come in different colors. The male species is more flamboyant compared to the females. They have a lovely personality and can easily adapt to different water conditions. For them to thrive, ensure that you keep the aquarium temperature consistent at about ten to twenty-nine degrees Celsius.

guppyThe Best Pet Fish for Aquaponics Fish Tank

Some of the best fish for aquaponics fish tanks are pacu, tilapia, bluegill, Murray cod, fancy goldfish, koi, carp, and catfish. However, you can also have ornamental fish like mollies, swordfish, tetras, guppies, and angelfish.

You can easily grow a wide array of fish in an aquaponics system. It is best to do thorough research, depending on the area you live in, to determine the legality and the best weather conditions for the fish you would like. You can easily get local fish without needing a license or a permit to rear them in your home.

However, you will need to consult a specialist if you plan on getting exotic or foreign fish since there are certain legal restrictions regarding those. You also need to note that although most types of fish thrive in aquaponics, some will be easy to maintain, while others will require special care.

Do proper research and read more about the best fish for aquaponics fish tank you plan to keep as a pet or rear for food. It is essential to be well informed so that you avoid killing your fish. You will also be equipped with knowledge on how to best care for your fish. If you would like to start an aquaponics fish tank, consult with professionals and ensure that you are well educated.


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