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Full View Aquarium – Lifegard Aquatics

Amazon.com Price: £47.99 (as of 23/12/2017 16:38 PST- Details)

Glass aquarium
Aquarium pad
Tempered glass lid and clips




This isn’t your traditional flat front square or cube tank. This can be a well-designed Full View Aquarium. The angled front lets in the user to have a larger viewing area throughout the tank when placed on the same level with a flat front tank. Not more bending down to benefit from the life throughout the aquarium. The Full View aquarium offers the Maximum viewing area in its class. 

Available in 2 sizes (5 or 7 gallons) and 3 different levels of customization: tank Best, tank with built-in back filtration, or complete kit.


Tank Best:

  • Glass aquarium
  • Aquarium pad
  • Tempered glass lid and clips

Tank + Filter also includes:

  • Full size integrated back filter
  • Multistage mechanical sponge
  • Carbon media (activated carbon bio balls)
  • Directional jet flex nozzle
  • 103 GPH Quiet One 400 pump
  • Integrated CO2 / O2 dispensing capability
  • Water level keep an eye on with waterfall

Complete Kit also includes:

  • Full Spectrum LED Light (more main points below)
  • 100 Watt Preset Heater
  • Might Mag Algae Cleaner
  • Telescopic Aquarium Net
  • LED Thermometer

Lifegard’s State of the Art Full Spectrum LED light:

  • 18 Watts, 9000K, 2100 LUX, 480 Lumens
  • Full Spectrum or moonlight
  • Powder coated metal arm
  • Rimless clamps or hanging clamps
  • Independent 12v low voltage transformer
  • Modern design with white, red, green, pink and blue LED’s
  • Low profile

Download specifications [PDF]
Glass aquarium
Aquarium pad
Tempered glass lid and clips
Full size integrated back filter
Multistage mechanical sponge

Additional information




5 gal Tank Only, 7 gal Tank + Filter, 7 gal Tank Only


Lifegard Aquatics


Lifegard Aquatics


Lifegard Aquatics




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Lifegard Aquatics


Lifegard Aquatics


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