Top Instagram Aquariums & Fish Tanks This Week – 1/27/18

    We’re starting a new series featuring the coolest aquariums on Instagram each week. We’ll showcase ten of our favorite fish tanks and aquariums every week so you can marvel at the creative ways people across the world have set up their fish tanks.

    We’ll start with a simple Beta tank by aquariums.daily:

    A post shared by Aquariums (@aquariums.daily) on


    If you’re into plants, this fish tank by h2oplants is just what you need:

    A post shared by H2O Plants (@h2oplants) on


    If you’re looking for some Egyptian flare, you might want to give this aquarium by prodac_international a shot:

    A post shared by PRODAC (@prodac_international) on


    Sometimes the simple fish tanks are the best as is the case with bubunaqua’s post below:


    We just love the wooden border around this fish tank by aquariumhobby:

    A post shared by Aquarium Hobby (@aquariumhobby) on


    Beautiful display of color in this fish tank by kodiak.aquarium:


    punkfish619 certainly knows how to find beautifully sculpted wood:

    A post shared by Doug (@punkfish619) on


    Grass. Lots of it. Well-done.


    Woah, a floating fish tank! That’s awesome:

    A post shared by Aquarium Hobby (@aquariumhobby) on

    I want one of these in my next house:


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