Best Place to Buy Betta Fish Online

Betta fish, or Siamese Fighting Fish, are fast becoming one of the world’s most popular fish. People from all over the world love these incredible fish. Not only do they have stunning colors, but they’re basically “water puppies” who have outstanding personalities that make people of different ages fall madly in love. Additionally, they don’t require a lot of maintenance so they’re perfect for the hobbyist aquarist or the more experienced aquarist. If you’re considering purchasing your very first (or second or third) betta, you may be wondering what the best places to find a betta fish online are. The good news is that many online businesses that cater to betta fish enthusiasts. Yes, many online pet stores and even a few betta-specific rescue organizations will ship a betta to you. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best place to buy betta fish online. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

The Best Place to Buy Betta Fish Online

Betta Fish Rescue

This organization is an animal rescue organization that is based in Illinois. Betta Fish Rescue is a private charitable organization that rescues, rehomes, and rehabilitates bettas so that they have the best life possible. They typically prefer to ship in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin; however, they will allow suitable parents to adopt outside their targeted area. Their betta’s price ranges from $25 and up, and adoptive parents have to pay shipping costs or meet the foster parent for pickup. Betta Fish Rescue rehomes both males and females. They have young and old bettas available for adoption. Besides bettas, this organization also sells some cute betta fish mugs that are adorable. All proceeds from the sale of their items benefit the rescue. Check out their website at Once there, you can check out their available bettas and fill out an adoption application. You will then be contacted by one of their volunteers about available bettas ready to be adopted. The main pro of adopting from the Betta Fish Rescue is that you are adopting a fish and all proceeds go back to saving more fish. The con is that they don’t have many bettas available because many people adopt from them.

Tucky’s Bettas

This established online betta fish store has been in existence for a few years now. They always have gorgeous bettas that are available for purchase. Their fish come from Indonesia, and you can choose males and females. Unlike Petco, They don’t sell baby bettas. However, their bettas are gorgeous and relatively economical, too. The prices range from $30 and up, and the buyer must pay any shipping costs. They offer a DOA health guarantee and are a reputable company. The main pro is that they have a lot of gorgeous betta fish and present a health guarantee. The con is that their betta fish end up costing a lot when you factor in shipping costs. A $25 fish can end up costing $75 or more.

Live Aquaria

Another great place to obtain bettas is live aquaria. They sell bettas as well as other types of fish too. This is a great company, especially if you also plan to set up a community tank because you can get your betta and your other tankmates in one place. For instance, they also sell dwarf frogs, nerite snails, etc. Additionally, they offer a health guarantee so if your fish arrives ill, you can get your money back. Their fish range in price from $7.99 and up, and you will have to pay any shipping costs. The main pro is that they have quite a lot of fish to choose from in addition to bettas. The con is that their fish are not as pretty as the ones at Tucky’sTucky’s, and if you buy one (instead of adopting one from a place like Betta Fish Rescue), you will be contributing to the pet fish trade.


You can purchase a betta fish from a seller on eBay. There are hundreds of bettas that are available for purchase. The prices range from $15 and up. Most of the sellers on eBay are either private sellers or are affiliated with pet stores. In most instances, you will have to cover the cost of shipping. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you check the seller’s reputation and ask about any health guarantees. That is, an eBay seller that you choose should offer you a full health guarantee to ensure that if your betta is sick or deceased upon arrival, they will replace the fish – no questions asked.

Regardless of whether you choose one of the places mentioned above to get your next betta, make sure that you have at least a 3-gallon tank, de-chlorinator conditioner, live or silk plants, gravel cleaner, premium betta fish food, an adjustable heater, thermometer, and safe décor. You will need to perform a 25% water change and clean the gravel once a week. You will also need to perform a 50% water change every month. When choosing a betta, make sure that you only choose a reputable betta fish seller. Preferably, one has been in business for a while that is open to answering any questions that you might have about the proper care of bettas. Ask about health guarantees and obtain as much information about the fish before you release any funds.

In conclusion, bettas are lovely pets. They are curious and fun to watch swim around. They have beautiful colors and each one has its unique personality. Every single day, they are gaining in popularity and make the perfect pet for those who need a low-medium maintenance pet. Although they do require some care, they require less care and attention than a dog or a cat. Additionally, it may take a bit of time to find the perfect one, he or she is out there waiting for you, so keep looking and don’t give up. You will find the perfect one just for you.


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